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Welcome to the Home of International Criminals!

The core of Internation Criminals has been around for roughly two years. The core group has become very close and passionate about making this a top tier guild. In doing so we have evolved from a small group of friends into a large group of people from many different backgrounds. So we would ask that you help the guild be the best by doing a few different things to give players the best experience they can have in International Criminals.

1. Be Courteous to Other Guildmates. We love friendly banter, but keep it respectful. Each guildmate is different and some may not respond well to harsher banter that some may view as fun. We want to keep WoW "guild drama" to a minimum, so respect other guildmates. These are people here to help you have a better WoW experience!

2. Help the Guild Help You. As a guild one of our main focuses is progression. If you are having a difficult time gearing up, spec-ing, or with your rotations, talk to some of the officers and other guildmates. When it comes down to it if you are actively involved in guild activities, being social in vent, and showing a true enthusiam in the guild the guild will show a true enthusiam in you. We will help you do runs, get gear, and get you raid ready. If you need help talk to an officer.

3. Be Punctual. If you sign up for a raid show up on time. If you put "tentative" on the raid calendar that will be interpeted as you have read the calendar and don't know if you can make it or not. Signing up as "confirmed" means that you will be there on time and ready to go. We all have daily lives of course so if you miss a couple without a heads up it isn't a big deal, but when it becomes a habit you run the risk of losing your spot on the raid. If something comes up, just let somebody know. Letting somebody know you can't make a raid really helps out!

4. Communicate. Whether you want to praise another guildmate or express a problem, talk to the officers. We want to know your thoughts! Everyone in the guild is very important to us, and to everyone else. If you need an ear just ask for one.

 Once again, thank you for being a member of our guild. We appreciate you and your commitment to International Criminals. Have fun and share good times with your friends at International Criminals!
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Guild Changes

Mutau, Oct 19, 11 1:08 PM.
As of Oct. 18th

The guild is under a new leader. This leader is experienced and very helpful and also the original  founder of the guild. There will be a lot of changes. Some of the changes will revert back to the original layout. Other changes are to move the guild forward both in PvE and PvP. Along with the changest there is going to be a new ranking system, that focusing on helping members find those who strictly Pvp and those that Pve. The ranks under Pvp and Pve will be equal.
There will be a more detailed description of the ranks and the rank changes and perks or options the rank has.

Furthermore there will be more incentives offered to individuals who are more team driven and guild driven. The purpose of these will be to promote a friendly guild environment and promote progression forward as a guild.

Also a new change to rules will be listed.

All changes, as stated above, are to promote a friendly environment and a stable progressing guild.

Thank You

GM-Mutia a.k.a. Mutaugi a.k.a. Mut
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